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Edstrom Water Buddy Bottle help

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Hi everyone! I recently got my bunny a Water Buddy. I looked everywhere for the 16oz. one which they don't sell on Amazon anymore but finally found it on Ebay. I already installed it in the cage and my bunny, Kodo, has already sniffed around it and tried to figure out how to drink from it. Drinking consists of pushing down a lever in the nozzle with his tongue and the water flows out. He still hasn't figured it out yet. If you have a water buddy, how did you get your bun to figure it out and how long did it take for him to figure it out? Thanks
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Looking at the pictures it seems like something a bunny would have to get used to. When Akina kept ruining and spilling her water I bought a regular water bottle with the vacuum drip and to get her to use it I installed it and put a dish of water underneath the nozzle. Every day put less and less water in it until she realizes more water comes from the nozzle. She should learn. Bunnies won't get it right away bc it's not how they drink water usually and first you have to tame her off it gradually. Good luck!
Unfortunately the company that manufactures them does not make them anymore, so they can be hard to find now.

My bunnies figured it out pretty quickly. If yours needs some encouragement, you can try putting a little bit of smashed banana on the nozzle. While licking off the banana they usually accidentally figure out how to get the water to flow then remember that later when they need a drink. I also showed my bunnies how to use it by pressing down the lever with my finger when they where working on figuring it out. Not sure if that helped, but it didn't hurt any.

Did your bottle come with the packaging? I thought I remembered it had directions for getting your pet to use it, but I don't remember. Anyways it took all 3 of my rabbits only a few hours to figure it out after I introduced it to them. I don't use bottles anymore, I switched to only using bowls, but out of all the kinds of bottles I tried I liked the Water Buddys best. I hope it works out well for you!
Not sure, but maybe this will help:
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