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Elderly chinchilla with leg injury

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Hi everyone. I was hoping someone would give me advice. My oldest chinchilla Poppy who is 15 years old had a nasty fall last night and seems to be limping and not using her back left leg. She was laying down a lot last night but this morning she seems to be fine and is sitting on both legs but I still don't think she is putting much pressure on her back left leg. I'm worried because of her age that the vets will either put her to sleep or she wont come out of the anisthetic if surgery is needed. She's such a healthy chin at her age and is a cherished family member to us. Has anyone else had experience with older chinchillas and this kind of injury and can help me please???
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Took her to the vets today and sadly she had to be put down. She had 4 fractures in her leg and the only thing they could do for her was amputation but because of her age she probably wouldn't of made it through the anisthetic or died shortly after. Gonna miss the old girl but I think I did the right thing and she lived a happy long 15 years.
You did the right thing, Sorry for your loss.. I have been there..

Sadly, there is not much that can be done for old chillas with broken bones. She is best off not suffering....
i'm so sorry for your loss.
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