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The Wild Horse and Burro Act that has protected wild horses and burros since the law passed in 1971 has been jeopardized. Last Saturday, Congress approved a 3,000 page year-end spending bill, which includes a provision HCON4568.001 that approves the sale of Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros. Starting January 1, 2005 any excess animal that is more than 10 years of age; or the excess animal has been offered unsuccessfully for adoption at least 3 times shall be made available for sale, without limitation, including through auction to the highest bidder, at local sale yards or other convenient livestock selling facilities.

This measure allows the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) the right to sell, without notice, to sale barns, stockyards and killer buyers. This provision also does not protect pregnant mares or young wild horse or burros. The bill strips from federal law a clause that no wild free-roaming horse or burro can be sold or transferred for processing into commercial products. The BLM could have an adoption of year-old horses on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday with no advertising, and then sell to people at a sale barn.

The BLM, Department of Interior, has tried marketing the adoptions but has failed to do their job as prescribed by Congress, which has now put measures in place that will legally authorize the killing of wild horses and burros.

Congress has turned a deaf ear to the public who has supported the wild horses and burros for many years.

The Wild Horse Foundation, Franklin, Texas has an agreement with the BLM and National Park Service to adopt out these wild horses and burros. Senator Conrad Burns, R-Mont., chairman of the appropriations subcommittee that funds the BLM placed the measure into the bill after consulting with Senators Byron Dorgan, D-ND and Harry Reid, D-NV. Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson also voted in favor of this.

The Wild Horse Foundation will be receiving another shipment or wild horses from the State of Nevada on December 1, 2004, most likely being the last shipment since the new laws will go into effect January 1, 2005.

The Wild Horse Foundation, Texas, has an adoption rate of 110% of every wild horse and burro that come to Texas. The BLM, Oklahoma Region office has denied all requests and attempts from the Wild Horse Foundation to assist with finding qualified homes and adopters. Ray Field, Executive Director of the Wild Horse Foundation has sent numerous requests to BLM Program Manager Jeff Rawson, Washington, D.C. and has received no reply from Mr. Rawson. Several requests have gone to BLM Director Kathleen Clark as well and with no reply.

Last year the BLM Oklahoma region adopted out 680 total wild horses and burros. The Wild Horse Foundation has nearly matched that number by adopters who have come forth to help place these horses and burros in loving adoptive homes. The Wild Horse Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax exempt, non-profit organization that operates off adoption fees and donations to protect these wild horses and burros.

If Congress negates the laws that protect our last known living heritage then whom will they kill next?

Please write President Bush and your Senator and Congressman that you will not support this bill that will ultimately lead wild horses and burros to slaughter. These horses and burros cannot speak for themselves and need people like you that can speak out to protect them. They have a right to live!

A phone call to the White House may be the best way to communicate and be heard. The phone number is 202-456-1111. The fax number is 202-456-2461.

The Wild Horse Foundation requests that every child, from every school and every horse lover, every taxpayer protest this approval that will ultimately bring wild horses or burros to slaughter. Not one taxpayer voted for this measure and we need the public support to protect the wild free-roaming horses and burros.

Who will Congress send to slaughter next?
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