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Emily Hedgehog

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I'm new here and registered as savingemily, because my family is doing just that. But for now, let me introduce myself by saying that I actually live in Canada, but have connections to the UK. We have way too many pets and wouldn't have it any other way. Some of these pets, like Emily, are rescues.
Cats- Clawdius, Smudge, J.C., Uhura, Rhiannon, Aida, Ichigo
Dogs- Simon, Jess, Tu, Dixie
Rats- Nova, Ella, Sylph, Nymph
Rabbit- Georgette
Hedgehogs- Quillamina, Loki, Emily
Geckos-Legolas (and my daughter has just renamed hers, finding out it was female- I don't remember the new name)
Fish- an unnamed betta

As you can see, we have a menagerie. I used to have birds, but not for a few years now.

Emily is a baby hedgehog whom my daughter rescued. She was going to be put down inhumanely because of an injured foot. If people would please check out her story on and/or like her page on facebook I would be very grateful. Please spread the word. Thank you.
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:wave:Welcome to the forums! Thats very awesome taking in the hedgehog. Goodluck with everything!
Thank you LittleLadyBug

Thanks for the welcome, and the good wishes. Emily sees Dr. Foot (yes that really is his name) at 3 today. I am hoping that things will show that her foot is continuing to improve. This is the longest break between bandage changes so far- four days, as he was at a conference over the weekend and couldn't see her then. If you can, please share the link, and like her page on facebook The more people who see it, the more support we will have for her.
I'd also like to welcome you to the forum, savingemily. I too live in Ontario and have a 'menagerie'. My goal in life is to provide a forever home to abandoned small animals and birds. Right now I have 2 cats, 2 gerbils, 6 budgies and 15 degus, which is about as much as I can handle financially and timewise.

Kudos to you for saving Emily. I will check out her link.

Thanks for the welcome 16 degus. It sounds as though you are as crazy (and caring) as we are! Bless you for caring for your menagerie. And thanks for checking out Emily's link. Please repost it to facebook if you can.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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