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Eros - June 2010 - Dec. 2nd, 2012

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Eros was from a group of 8 young boys and their father who were going to be killed if I didn’t come get them right away. They were scared and nervous but quickly came out of their shells.

Eros on left looking at camera

At this point Eros was still Boy4BB (bareback hehe)

I managed to adopt out 3 of the boys and sadly Chaos the high white brother had to be pts for late onset Megacolon leaving me with a gentle son, a gentle father and 3 bigger sons. Then hormones hit and took its toll…I had to neuter the 2 sons including Eros and remove them from their dad and gentle brother. Their hormones were so strong, that even with neuters I had to be very careful. But finally the equalizer of all rats came along, age. They became much nicer once they had aged LOL

Life went on for all of us until just over a month ago I saw that Eros was having strange mobility problems…he already had HED starting up, but it also seemed like his front end/legs were having issues as well. He would sledge along on his belly when moving and would use his legs to prop himself up when he was staying still. I started calling him the Incredible Collapsing Rat.

But still able to do the important things :p

The paralysis got worse and I had to remove him from his brothers un-gentle care and he became a part time bed rat, which they all love.

He got to meet some lovely caring rats in this time like…


and Shimei with a sleeping Eros and Galileo

And he even got “topped up” with the syringe morning and night…

But Sunday morning he stopped eating, and I held him until he went quietly on his own. He ended up being such a sweet boy.
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Shelagh, I am so sorry to hear this. Looking at those photos of Eros....such a beautiful sweet faced boy, just precious.

I felt so sorry for him in the photo with his front legs not working too well, but then the follow up photo with him doing his self if to say, "Hey, no worries, I can still do all the important stuff!" as you said on the photo title. So true.

What a truly handsome boy. He looked like he was just smiling a mile wide with his medication syringe in his mouth.

Peace and loving cuddles to you sweet Eros, and be happy, handsome boy. We love you. :heart:
Thanks Vladina, he ended up being a pretty special rat...and the smile is for Mom feeding him Ensure not meds LOL
Awww, it's Ensure! Well there ya go. No wonder he is smiling!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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