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ethical Golden Retriever Breeders

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Hi all,
I am thinking of getting a Golden Retriever puppy in the next 2/3 months, and I really don't know how to navigate my way through all of the horrible breeders out there and find a healthy, happy puppy from healthy, happy parents.:thumbsup:

I have heard even breeders on the KC assured breeder scheme can be a little dodgey (and any amount of 'dodgey' is far too much when it comes to animals).

I feel completely stuck...I have read many of the threads on what to do; i.e. extensive questioning, health check certificates, see parents, observe surroundings and so on, but would really hate to even see unethically breed pups, so I'm keen to try and be sure a breeder as ethical before I even inquire.
I am based in Sheffield.
Can anyone recommend a reputable Goldie breeder for me in this very general area, as in, the north(ish) of England?

Any tips/advice/reccommendations will be greatly appreciated!

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just a thought have you checked at your local shelters, so many dogs need good homes.
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