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Extreme Viv Makeover: Beardie Edition!

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Yup, I re-did Dudley's viv again! :D
So far, he refuses to step foot on his new stair-case thing, or his ramp though. :rolleyes:

Here it is! I made the 2 platforms myself, and I found the awesome sparkley rock when I was on vacation in SD. I made the little ramp too.


He found a new head rest, LOL.

I set him on his new decorations here... He didn't go on them himself, of course. That would require effort. :p

I'm starting to sell my DIY rocks too! Here is Dud posing on one I made for somebody.

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Wow, that looks great! :D I wish I could re-do my ball python's tank but she's so finicky I'm too nervous to change anything (typical ball python, ha). She already only uses a specific brand and type of rock cave--she won't go in any other ones I buy :lol:.
omg that looks incredible!! Very natural :D Great job!

What are you making the rock platforms out of and how long do they take to make? I think it's awesome that you're selling them. Are you selling them locally or just as online requests? And do you profit from their sale, or are you not marking up? **Excuse the questions ^^ I'm just curious!

LOL @ your ball python, Sasami! That's so funny.

@Amanda: I make them with styrofoam, cover them in 4-5 layers of grout, paint them, and seal them. They take about a week to make. I'll sell them to anyone online who is willing to pay the shipping, but local is a little easier!
And I'm making a little money off of them, but they are still cheaper than most pet store decorations. Most of the small/medium ones are $20-$30, so they aren't too expensive.
That's really cool! Easy for a hobby to become much more ^^ I hope you're still doing the paint art, I still have my Kina/Kaysha commission you did :D
I haven't been doing that lately, since no one has really wanted anything. I'd do a pet portrait is some one asked me too though. I'm glad you still have yours!!
aww so awsome,hes a spoiled beardie
Thanks! :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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