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I am a first time poster but I have periodically read some posts here when I have needed help and I need help more than ever right now. Please bear with me. This is long as I’d like to give you a little history and explain the last 2 months so you know where I am coming from. Some if it is relevant medically (Soffie) and some is more relevant for your understanding of my current emotional state (Lola). It may get a pit confusing because for a while I was dealing with 2 sick chins.….

My chinchillas (Soffie and Lola) are/were 8 years olds. About 3 years ago Lola began drooling. I located and exotic vet and began treatment. She was first treated for mild bloat (which was seen on an x-ray). When the drooling did not stop her diagnosis was changed to chronic dental disease. The vet said her teeth had barbs and the irritation was causing the drooling (x-rays did not indicate malocclusion). During this time she was put on many medications and antibiotics and her fecal matter became small and dry, though she never stopped eating or drinking. For the next three years her drooling never fully stopped and her droppings were never the same but she seemed happy. Our vet assured me that this was just her new status quo and there was nothing more that I could do (I’m not sure if that’s true but after everything we had been though I accepted it). This brings us to last month…..

On 4/8/11 I noticed some white goop in the corner of Soffie’s left eye (very similar to, if not exactly like the picture attached which were orignally posed by Ackbar on 11/18/2004). On Sunday (4/10/11) it was in her right (a little worse than the left eye). I called the vet and was able to get her in on Wednesday 4/13/11. I took both Soffie and Lola. The vet said everything was fine with Lola and gave Soffie some eye drops and Baytril. Bother were prescribed for 7 – 10 days. I made it to day 9 (morning of 4/21/11) with both. She hated it so much. I just couldn’t do it any longer. I noticed her droppings were getting smaller and drier and she ran from me and would no longer take a treat. Her eyes seemed fine like it had cleared up. After a few days Soffie’s droppings seemed to be improving.

On the night of 5/5/11 I noticed that Lola was acting funny and after not too long she had collapsed in my hands. I thought she had broken her leg and was going into shock. We made the decision that the emergency vet may do more bad than good and stayed with her though the night and got her to our vet that morning (5/6/11). She was not seen by our regular vet but by another in at the practice (Dr. S). Dr. S diagnosed Lola with server bloat and GI stasis. Lola made it though both Friday and Saturday nights (5/6/11 and 5/7/11). On Sunday (5/8/11) we noticed Soffie’s eyes were goopy again. We began the drops imediatly and called the vet the next day (5/9/11). They advised us to continue for another 10 day round of drops.
On Tuesday (5/10/11) my beautiful Lola passed away 10 minutes before I arrived at the vets to see her. I have never hurt so much in my entire life.
Our regular vet was there and said I should be grateful that she made the decision for me because he was going to discuss putting her to sleep. To make matters worse he left me with the impression that Dr. S should have recommended euthanasia that from the very start. He then issued me a vet bill for about $1000.

I lost a lot of faith and respect for my vet during this whole ordeal. I didn’t argue with the bill because they did do the work but it felt felt wrong. I kept thinking back to some of the post on this board about baytril and eating, as well as him saying how Lola would just always drool. And how no matter how many times I pointed out her dropping were not how they used to be, it just didn’t seem all that important to him. I just …I donno…I just don’t feel like he was giving my girls the best care there is.

5/16/11 was Soffie finished her second round of eye drops. Sometime after that and last Monday (I don’t know the exact date) the goop came back. Monday 5/23/11 my husband called the vet and was told to try the drops for a 3rd round. They said that maybe the infection was just being knocked down by the drops but to knock it out it may require and other round of 10 – 14 days.

This brings us to today…Day 9 of round 3. As of this morning there was still goop in bother of her eyes. A little less in the left, but just like it was the day we started round one in the right eye. On rounds 1 and 2 we were seeing an improvement by now. We called the vet and they said we need to finish this round and see. If it doesn’t work to bring her in.

To compound everything that has been going on we are scheduled to leave for vacation this Saturday for 1 week. I have a pet sitter that is scheduled to come in every other day to make sure she has food and water as well as to let Soffie out for a bath and to run around but the sitter is in no way qualified to administer medication.

What do I do if the infection is not cleared up by the time we are schedule to leave? What if it comes back while we are gone? We won’t be there to know if the medication worked or not.

How serious is an eye infection? I have read that sometimes they just go away on their own….Would I be a horrible mom if I gave her the drops until we left and then just dealt with it when we got home if it comes back while we’re gone?
Should we cancel the pet sitter and pay the astronomical rates to board her with vet that I have lost confidence in (and maybe never should have had confidence in)?

Should we take her with us? Cancel the trip?

After the loss of Lola, is Soffie really stressed? What option would be best for her mentally and physically?
We are so emotionally drained and stress over everything that my husband and I are having a really hard time making any decisions over this.

What would you do?


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