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Facebook Thread

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I looked for one like this so am starting one. Forgive me if there is already one but I did search. I think we should have this thread so if people want more friends there. I would love more farmville friends. To find me my email is [email protected] I have a picture of a black cat sprawled on a cat bed.
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Dont do Farmville anymore , only do island paradise. Furthermore . facebook sucks.

YoVille is good though . or was good until they started changing things around. O how I remember the day when we all stood outside the Sweets factory and Boycotted it . Say no to bitter sweet " Bring back the widget factory ! ".

I met my Girlfriend on YoVille.
That place is good for meeting people aparently.

I much prefered Myspace of message boards like this one PT.

But i'm also on Gaia now , even if I dont go on there all that much recently.
My FB is:

If any of you add me,let me know who you are. I do not add anyone unless we have a lot of mutual friends or I know you.
Just gonna apologize in advance but I don't add people randomly anymore unless I met them in person. I would join a group for members of PT but I won't friend anyone.
Wow I loove Castleville it is great.I tried farmvilleand it loadstoo slow for me.Since my desktop comp went out I cant load farmtown on my laptop.
Frankly I have just about had a Gutfull of Facebook now lol. I only go there for Island Paradise now , uploading pics and the odd status. GF dont wanna know me anymore.

Miss her .


Gaia sort of wore out for me , although I still pop on there briefly daily.

I did start up a new Photobucket recently for hosting evn more pics. Frankly i'm drowning. Despite being on so very few websites , comunities and forums now.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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