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Failed at Quarantine, Need advice pleaaase.

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I have a rat named Zippy who isn't full grown, I got him from a Petsmart a couple months ago and they didn't know his age so neither do I.
A few days ago, I saw a Dumbo rat at another pet store and new that Zippy shouldn't be alone. I fell in love with the adorable Dumbo and decided to take him home. The pet store actually said he somehow ended up there by mistake.
He is only four months old and the rats came in contact with one another accidentally so should I just put them together?
Is there even any point in quarantine anymore? I also have no way to keep them in completely seperate rooms, only seperate cages. I am not very familliar with quartine and have had four girl rats previously all from a pet store and perfectly healthy but my new rat cries in his sleep and is sneezy.
I am so worried about Zippy, I need as much advice as possible.
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You were correct in wanting to get your boy a friend to live with, so that is great. It does sound like your new boy needs to get checked out by a vet. And if he is sneezy and has a possible respiratory problem, you do not want Zippy to catch it. Can you bring both of your boys to a good local small animal/exotic vet? Just in case Zippy may have already contracted something from your new boy.
I agree with Vladina. The best thing would be for you to get him a vet appt as soon as possible. If he is showing signs of a URI, he will need to be treated with antibiotics.
Sneezing isnt good usually at all. rats have sensitive respiratory systems.

As for the quarantine you cant quarantine in the same room. they need completely separate air spaces.
I would love to get them to a vet as soon as possible, but how do I find a vet in my area that treats rats? I just moved here and have had bad experiences with our family vets previously so going to a new vet makes me nervous. Should I just pick one?
No the vet has to be experienced with rats. I believe there is a site that lists all the rodent vets in the US ... Maybe someone can link you.
Yes, I would look up the local yellow pages/internet search for small animal/exotic vets that may be in your area. You are right about the regular vet clinics that mainly focus on dogs and cats...skip those completely. They are not knowledgeable or do not specialize in small animals and you want a vet that is knowledgeable about rodentia. Using key search words like "exotic" can be a big help with a search. That tends to bring up clinics that specialize in small animals, birds, etc.
Okay, I called and interviewed all of the vets in my area today and most said they'd do it but all said they don't usually see rats so I didn't make an appointment. Also, Gus seems better today. He hasn't been sneezy but still cries in his sleep.
Oddly enough my vet is specialized in cats and dogs but also can do mouse neuters and is knowledgeable about rats ... Its not normally the case. but you just have to be careful and know what to look for. Maybe contact a local rodent rescue and see what vet they use?
Yes, that would be a great start, good idea! Also, did you ask any of the local vets you interviewed if they know of a good local small animal specialist vet? What area/city are you in, in Kentucky?

What kind of sounds is your rat making when you say he cries in his sleep? I have not heard of that before.
a lot of beginning resp infections start with the rat making funny noises in their sleep :/

where are you located? Maybe we can find you a rat vet?
If you are in northern KY erlanger is good or my vet which is in cincinnati I completely trust.
Murray Kentucky. He is only 4 months :/
Oh, Kentucky. I wish you were closer to me, I know a great vet in Jefferson County ><
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