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fashion footwear

The increase with celebrities like Lady Gaga along with Rihanna who promote the need for being original has had a tremendous effect on today's fashion field. Standing out from the crowd has never been more important and is something not only sought of simply by people within industry but will also by just members of the general public. Even so, is there a limit to what is considered 'unique/original' and where does the line stay before fashion becomes silly? This debate is kept entertained with the creation of 10in high heels by way of noted designer Alexander McQueen. As creatively striking as they are, the practicality of them is effectively inadequate and have even had models refuse to wear them on the grounds people pose as a potential wellbeing threat and did not choose to risk broken ankles. For all those reasons, it is quite clear these shoes lie on the boundary of what is wearable and what you could consider a form of art piece that is not to be worn out but simply to be seen instead cheap ugg boots. This eccentricity of the footwear is what makes me believe they are more of a skill statement as commercially they are too extravagant to be worn because of the masses. This is further stressed out when I found that McQueen had merely produced 22 pairs with the shoes (each taking 5 days to make) which shows they weren't created to be worn from the general public but simply by men and women you may consider exhibitionist's who have your money to buy such items in to stand out from the crowd. To conclude, as intriguing as they are, they are not viewed as footwear in my eyes. There lack of practicality draws me personally more towardslabelingthem as 'art pieces' to be displayed in such places as galleries and galleries.

Oakley O-Strap Men Shoe Fashion Footwear - Chocolate/Khaki Or Size 11.0

Oakley O-Strap Gentlemen Sandal Fashion Footwear * Chocolate/Khaki / Size 11.0If a person gearing up for a beach overwhelm or just looking for sandals so that you can stoke your surfer soul, glide into a pair of Oakley O-STRAP. We turned the foot bed right into a work of art and took ease and comfort to the level you deserve. EVA and RED CODE memory foam put plush resilience in each and every step. Microban treatment helps manage odor, and the durable UNOBTAINIUM outsole receives a grip on Mother Earth.A single ugg boots sale.2mm synthetic microfiber upperWater-shedding textile coating with neoprene foam backingOdor control of Microban anti-microbial treatmentUnderfoot cushioning of die cut Avoi with RED CODE foamNote:Oakley sandals resorts in jamaica run 1 size tiny. Please order 1 size up.
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