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fatal attraction

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I feel really badly for the people whose stories are shown on Fatal Attractions.
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I love that show LOL! My mom thinks that thats gonna be me some day... :p
I've seen all Fatal Attractions on animal planet, I always watch the new episodes when they come on. It would be tragic if any of us got hurt or killed by an animal.
Yeah it would be. Im not quite as insane as some of those people, thankfully... No venomous reptiles or big cats for me! I do plan on getting a monitor some day though, just not one as big as those Niles... :p
Have you considered getting a uromastyx? They are smaller and gentler than monitors.
Oh, I wouldnt be getting one anytime soon LOL! Just maybe eventually in my life. Im good with my beardies for now. :D Uro are absolutely adorable though! Ive considered getting one, but Ive heard they arent quite as handle-able as beardies. My next lizard will be a Blue Tounge Skink I think! Now those are awesome!
First of all, the blue-tongued skink is a great choice for a reptile.

I know that I'm going to get nailed for this, but my childhood fantasy was to own a gila monster or a Mexican beaded lizard. BTW: I don't encourage anyone to own a venomous reptile.
LOL, I would never want a pet that could kill me that easily! Gila monsters are adorable though, IMO. :p
I thought it was about the movie with Glenn Close :giggle:
I hope that they continue to make the series so that people will think before they own a certain animal.
Yeah, I saw a new one about crocodiles the other day... I couldn't help but think they looked sorta like giant Dudleys! :giggle:
Its a good show but some time they make a long story just on simple and regular things.
I watched the one with the monitors mainly because I had a lot of personal knowledge and experience with the case....they played it up a lot.

I am somewhat unamused by their fear-mongering...smacks of McCarthyism, but I suppose that is what sells airtime these days.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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