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Favorite Dog Breeds

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My favorite dog breeds are:

Wolf Dogs
Siberian Huskies
Spinone Italiano
German Shepherds
Pit Bull Terriers
Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen (PBGV)
Cocker Spaniel

I love every single breed in the world but those are just a few of them.

What are your favorite breeds??????

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I love dogs... all dogs, but obviously MY favorite breeds are Belgian anything (Tervuren, Groenendael, Malinois, Laekenois), Dutch Shepherds, and Big White Dawgs (Great Pyr, Akbash, etc.)
I love mutts! LOL... I also love rotties, flat coated retrievers, schnauzers (even if I can't spell it...) I like schnauzers in any of it's sizes (miniature, standard and giant). Hmmm.... chihuahuas... scotties... great danes... just to name a few... hehe
I love the Karelian Bear Dog!
I will probably never own one, but I still love them!
I also love Mutts (being i own one), Basenji's and other 'cat' like dogs (which is funny b/c i like "dog" like cats lol).
My list would be:

Belgian Malinois (Own one)
Dutch Shepherd
German Shepherd (Own a mix of this and ACD)
Australian Cattle Dog
Australian Shepherd
Border Collie

Hmmm...see a trend here. :lol:

If it is a herding dog I have a soft spot for it. I've just discovered Giant Schnauzers and find them very versatile so after more research they may end up on my list. I also like mutts but they must have some herding dog in them like Fox does GSD/ACD mix.

Dogs on my list to get when Fox passes on:
Belgian Malinois
Dutch Shepherd
Giant Schnauzer (Still Researching)
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Boston Terrier, American Bulldog, Boxers, Basenjis, Norwich Terriers, to name a few :)
There are very few breeds i actually don't like. They all have their wondeful traits.

Of course I am most partial to German Shepards, Newfies, and Mastiffs.
For the most part, large dogs scare me to death. I appreciate their beauty, but it scares me to be around them. I prefer small dogs as a result.

It's sorta funny though because hubby had 2 goldens. (Well, his family has them he just calls them his.) I've become accustomed to them over the years and they don't really bother me anymore except when the younger one starts to jump.
My fave breed is GSD
But I also like Labs (own one), BC (own one) and Alaskan Malamute (own 2)
My favorite breeds are dachshunds, pembroke welsh corgis, smooth collies, australian shepherds, and dobermans. :)
I love Golden Retrievers...even before I had Shadow. They are sooo sweet!
Great Pyr, German Shepards, Mutts, Huskeys, Malamutes, Great Danes ummmmm

Oh forget it....i love them all!!!! I mostly love the big dogs, but anytime i'm in a pet store or humane society, I want them all!! lol

Anyone ever see a Pug Terrier? (combo between a pug and a rat terrier) OMG they are such cute puppies! I wanted it, never seen one since though lol.
I love all favorite would have to be a golden retriever though...I have always owned I do have a pure bred Yorkie, but shes a wierd little thing so she fits in to our wonderful island of misfits lol
I like a variety of big and small dogs, heres a few...
Border Terriers
Basset Hounds
Old English Sheepdogs
Bull Mastiffs
Jack Russells
My favorite breeds are:
Great Pyrenees
Golden Retriever
German Shepherd Dog
And of course my all time favorite:Mutts!:D
I love all dogs but a few of my favorites are:

Cocker Spaniels
Japanese Chins
Chinese Cresteds
Rat Terriers
Miniature Bull Terriers
American Pitbull Terriers
American Staffordshire Terriers
Silky Terriers
Doberman Pinschers
Miniature Pinschers
Moscow Toy Terriers
Boston Terriers
American Eskimo Dogs
Great Pyrenees
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
Border Collies
Mutts (lol)
Siberian Huskys
Alaskan Malamutes
French Bulldogs
Tibetan Spaniels

I think that's all :lol:.
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Obviously I love Bull Terriers and Dobermans because I already have them.

I've had alot of Boston Terriers and I loved each and every one of them. :D
My next dog will probably be and Australian Cattle dog. They seem to be really smart dogs.
I also like German Shepherds
I love my chihuahuas
and Huskys, GSD, corgis, Shelties, mutts, and Australian Shepards to name a few. (ok ok so I love them all)
I Love Bichons they are awsome with Kids(which I have 4)
Shih Tzu
Spanish Water Dog
I love German Shepards but allergies won't allow it
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