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Favourite Films?

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Sorry if this has already appeared or off topic but anyway...

It my friends birthday soon and she's really into all sorts of movies and i was just wondering if anyone knew any really good ones and what their favourites were? :)
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If you want some good tear jerkers I can reccomend Untamed Heart and Terms of Enderment - bawled my eyes out durring those movies - lol
a classic funny goofy movie is Monty Python and the Holy Grail
a couple good time period peices are Sense and Sensability and Much Ado About Nothing a great older movie is An Affair to Remember ooh so is Auntie Maime - thats a good one too I love Marilyn Monroe so I of course reccomend the 7 year itch, gentlemen prefer blondes, some like it hot and bus stop, breakfast at tiffanys is a classic with audrey hepburn - so good! then there are your 80s classics 16 candles, breakfast club, pretty in pink - wow Molly Ringwald overload - lol Oh a good love movie is PS I love you - if you have never seen that I highly reccomend that one! There that oughtta last you awhile - ha ha
1 - 1 of 19 Posts