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Favourite Kitty Litter

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Hi everyone,

I got my kitten a couple of weeks ago and have tried one type of litter so far. Before I buy my next bag I wanted peoples opinions on their favourite litters and why :)

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i personally use one called scoops clumable it smells good n its not dusty so defiently helps with my allergies.
thanks..ill check that one out :D
Scoops clumable sounds incredible, my aunt is asking for good one too and I will recommend this one..
After reading from several cat owners on here that clay litter is bad for cats, I've tried different types. I like Swheat Scoop, and my fave is Feline Pine. But make sure it says "scoopable"! I didn't know there was any other kind and I bought a bag instead of a box, and I was shocked to see it was hard pellets that looks like rabbit food! Lucy absolutely would NOT use it no matter what I tried. Anyhow...I love the smell of Feline's like sawdust and the house isn't dusty or smelly with heavily scented clay litter.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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