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Favourite soundtrack of all time

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I was just wondering what is everybodys favourite movie soundtrack. I have to admit I love soundtracks and am quite a geek of them xD. But if I had to choose only one I guess I would have to pick the Black Beauty Soundtrack ^^ :D
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Rent is my fav soundtrack
my fave is a toss up, dazed and confused or armageddon (love aerosmith)
Lion King!!!
hehe i like the lionking one too but beauty and the beast is better i think :p
I love the beauty and the beast soundtrack, havent heard it in years tho :(
lol we listen to disney music all the time lol...but RENT or Top Gun...hmmm Goonies was great...ooohhhhh but then theres Greese many to name
I LOVE Grease and definatly that is my favorite soundtrack!
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