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About a week ago I went to the pet store and picked up 6 FBT tadpoles. They were very small at the time and was told to buy a few in case there were a few that didnt make it. Well they have all lived past being a tadpole and 5/6 have all 4 legs. 2 are with out tails but still very small almost like the size of your thumb nail. I noticed that the ones without their tails had almost completely stopped eating so I went back to the pet store and got some 2 week old crickets but still no luck, they just stare at them instead of eating them...

am I doing something wrong?

for a tank I have a 70 gal with a water level of about an inch off the surface, there are rocks, a plastic tree, and a turtle dock for them to get of the water, I have a submerged filter and an air system in the tank as well.

any help would be great thanks
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