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FDA seal of approval

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Do you want a FDA seal of approval for your animals food?
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hmmm. Very tricky question. I work for a medical device company so we are subject to audit by the FDA. I can tell you that if dog food companies have to comply I would expect prices to go up with no change in quality.

That is, even if they are already doing the right things and making the food as safe, healthy and effectively as possible, the overhead required for FDA compliance will drive costs up. They will have to hire several full time employees to manage the paperwork associated with FDA compliance.

But, does it remove some risk? I guess so. But I am not sure how much.
I think it's just another way for the FDA and companies to make money. I have never had any problems with quality dog food as long as I would read the ingredients. I think prices would go up and quality would stay the same on most quality dog foods. The lesser qualities might have to improve but again in general I don't feel it's worth it.
Exactly. The FDA doesn't care about the health of anything - people or animals - so having their approval on any food I get for my pets means squat to me. Actually, I think it would make me concerned. The FDA passes through some really nasty and horrifying things.
I really wouldn't care because FDA lets dangerous things in the market anyway...then they make a big recall.
It would just rack up the prices
I don't think the FDA is neccesarily the answer, but I do believe we need to reform the standards for sanitation and packaging for our pet products. I am certified in sanitation on a human food level, and I feel the pet industry needs to raise the bar. It's one of the reasons I started making and packaging my own dog treats...
Until recently, I hadn't thought much about the word "seal." However, watching my husband install a shower where the drain had to have an adequate seal in order to keep it from leaking made me curious. It became obvious that creating a good seal was not only very important, but also takes a lot of hard work and patience. Maintaining the "seal of the Holy Spirit" in our lives also takes diligence.
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