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I don't know where to start I've never actually Did anything like this And what I mean is by I've never Posted on a forum so I really hope that I'm in the right place.

So recently my cat Luna She gave birth to 4 beautiful baby kittens which is her 1st litter and her only litter this was about a month ago Only 1 day after she had them Her runt passed away it just broke my heart. I put smalls in a box (that's her name) in a cute pink box And I buried her in my garden. That leaves us with 3 kittens but my Older sister wanted 1 of the kittens for my nephew so when they were old enough we gave my nephew 1 that leaves us with 2 Foxy and Pigeon because she was slightly pigeon toad LOL!! We live in the country and it makes me upset that people drop off their animals all the time because that's how freaking selfish they are they just drop animals off in the country and leave them to survive on their own and not only that anxiety for kittens is really bad So I've read and I've experienced Anxiety with my cat! It upsets me that they don't think about how the cats and or all Animals for that fact feel.
Anyways this is what breaking my heart right now
Today I woke up and my cats were gone My boyfriend told me he took them off and He won't tell me where he took them off to! My heart is so broken And I just can't believe he actually did that. I keep begging him To please please please take me to find them and he won't I don't know what to do all i know Is I can't stop thinking about how they maybe feeling How they're probably scared how they don't know where they're at so it's very traumatizing all they know is me they know my home they know their mom And their mom keeps crying I don't know what to do Please someone please someone tell me what to do!!
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