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Female in heat peeing on bed--Help!

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My daughter has a female that is in heat and it has started peeing on my daughter's bed......Has anyone had that happen before??

I'm so afraid she will keep that up even after she's spayed. (which is going to be next week). She's an indoor only cat....
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Peeing on the Bed

I don't think this is heat related. Most times a cat will pee on the bed because they either have a urinary tract infection, or they don't like their litter box.

Suggestions - try a different litter, make sure it's always kept clean. Many cats hate a covered litter box. Mine have 5 boxes all over the house. And if the downstairs box - which is a huge tub is not immaculate, they will pee on my rug downstairs. That's a cat for ya! MOL!!!!!!

Check the bed - if there is any blood on the bed, please get her right to the vet for a urinalysis.

Best of Luck!
I know my females will pee on things as they are going in to heat cus they are trying to mark their terriotory but that is becuase we have 2 other females. But in most cases it is due to the litter boxes not being cleaned or them hating the litter. I have found that my cats have a preference for the special kitty multi cat clumping litter so u may have to try other litters and as another post stated check for blood in the urine.
I tried for 3 years not to spay my female manx as I had hoped for kittens but she would get angry when she would come in heat and pee on clothing!! Soon as I had her fixed it ceased. She hasnt peed on anything since and that has been 3 years ago with exception when I got 2 more kittens in the house as she doesnt like to share her litter box. Now we keep hers isolated in another room and do our best to keep the 2 little boys out of it.
I used to have three indoor cats,all female and all were not yet spayed.They always used their litter and nothing else,cept for two.Two of them would pee on the floor and on furniture when they went into heat.

I think it is normal.But I would still have the urinary test taken,just in case.If she still does it after she is spayed and the tests come back normal,then I would suggest trying different litters.
Well I heard from my sister that if they don't use the box it could be a problem and that you should take her to the vet. She is studying to be a vet assistant!! So I say check up at the vet!!
My female does the same thing when shes in heat... well, i have it easier cause she pees in the bathroom sink, not the bed, but its only when shes in heat.. when the heats over, the peeing automatically stops
we have a cat who would pee all over(mostly on hard surfaces) and when we called the vet to get her tested for a u.t.i. they asked me if she was fixed. i said no and they said that in cats who are not fixed that is the reason (being in heat) so i would say that a spay will cure all your problems. we had ours spayed and never had a problem with her peeing again.
yeah, they pee so they mark their territory so other cats know they're in heat.. i have two males (both fixed) and she loves on them, but they dont give a **** about her half the time
Which reminds me I need to get my youngest one fixed as he started biting my other male in the neck yesterday LOL. I felt so sorry for the other little guy as the look on his face as to "What the heck is going on here?" He hasnt started spraying yet but I'm not waiting to find out.
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