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Hi There!

Im new here, and have a question about one of my bunnies!

A bit of background; I have owned rabbits for almost my whole life ( I wasn't allowed dogs or cats when I was growing up!) and I love the little guys. I had to put my last little guy down 2 summers ago and thought that I would take a break for a while (they are so small, but the heart break is enormous!). That planned changed when I moved my horses to an acreage, to find someone had dumped a few domestic rabbits.

So I now have 4 bunnies; Coco, Ronson, Binx and Monkey. They are all smaller, but mixes. Coco and Ronson are plain Jane brown guys, Binx is a dutch looking cross and Monkey is what i would call a purebred dwarf Hotot (sp?).

Monkey is the only female, and ALL rabbits are in separate enclosures. They all have "play time", separatley as the males are not fixed (yet!).

Monkey has plucked hair and made a nest, within 24 hours. No other symptoms. No enlarged teats.

Should I be concerned, is this a normal thing for female rabbits? There is no way a male could have gotten to her.


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Yes, females will have false ("hormonal") pregnancies even if they haven't been in with a male.

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Is Monkey spayed? If not, I would get her spayed. Even if you plan on getting the males neutered - it's actually more medically important for the females to be fixed, so maybe you could get her done first? Plus if you don't get her spayed she's likely to keep having false pregnancies.

Ignore all that if she's already been spayed :lol:
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