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Fighting Chinchillas?

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I recently purchased two chinchillas from a couple who's young daughter had lost interest in them. We discovered that one was male and one female, and the couple hadn't had the male neutered. He was taken for the operation yesterday, and the vet instructed us to keep him in the pet carrier all night. We made sure that the two could see each other during the night and they were interacting fine, but when I put Jack back in the cage Alex jumped on him and chased him, pulling out his fur. She leaves him alone as long as he stays on the lower level of the cage, but won't let him near the nest box, water bottle or food bowl. Could this possibly be because she's in heat? If not, does anybody know of anything I could do? I would really hate to have to separate them, but Jack doesn't seem to want to do anything but sit there and tremble.

Thanks :)
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Its much like all other animals, when one gets fixed, the affection shared seems to dissipate. You may want to see if indeed they don't get along at all anymore, because going from partners to just cage mates, is a big adjustment. Give them sometime, and keep them separated just for now. She may just need her own time.
you could always seprate them and then slowly reintroduce them to eachother.

Now it seems to be my female wanting to get close to my male, but he's terrified (making distreesed noises and snapping at her) and won't let her near. He also doesn't seem to want to eat or move around at all.

Has anyone else experienced this problem after neutering?
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