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  • *Contact the local police and the Animal Control Officer directly if your community has one.

    *Report the loss to your local pound and shelters and visit them every day if you can.

    *Alert your mailman and the paperboy on your route.

    *Check with your city, and if it's allowed, put up posters with a color picture of your lost pet on them. Offer a reward but don't indicate the amount.

    *Tell the neighborhood children you are looking for your pet and take someone with you when you do. Do not approach the children too closely because children are taught to be wary of strangers.

    *Check your local newspapers.

    *Notify radio and TV stations.

    *Check the Internet

    *Notify any organization you registered with (for a microchip or a tattoo for example).

    *Check with the veteranarians in your area.

    *Look in all surrounding areas and take along a noisy toy or a favorite treat your pet associates with home. Check door to door and ask permission to check in yards and outbuildings.

    *Be careful of people reporting that they have found your and want money upfront to return it. Never give a reward to someone before you have received your pet.

    *You may also want to notify Action 81, an organization chartered to prevent/expose theft of dogs and cats at 504-955-1278.

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