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first meeting

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my 3 new young rats (black and white ones, bandit and cosmo the white and tan one, macchiato) meeting my 2 older rats(black one twiddle dee, white one twiddle dum)

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i think they did pretty good, they were in there for about an hour and a half and there was just little scuffles mostly from when macchiato was trying to hump everyone in there
twiddle dee, and twiddle dum came from feeder tanks together, machiatto was the last one petsmart had, and cosmo and bandit were from a different petsmart
there all so cute ! wow five rats good luck with that lol
yeah i never thought i would end up with that but i got them a nice big cage 5 story with lots of room and my kids love playing of them so they get plenty of time to play
so update on the rat intro, the got their second meeting cause they all started playing in their own cages thought it would be ok to have them see each other again, they played for a while then machiatto got nipped for trying to hump my biggest one, now they are all playing but he is standing in the corner and wont move all the other rats come over and see him but he has his defensive posture up even to the other 2 babies he lives with but once the big ones are gone he calms down and plays again
and im suprised at this cause this is only their second meeting, and after a while of playing the older rats got tired and started getting comfy like to go to sleep and comso and bandit went to lay with them too
Great pictures! What cutie pies too. :)
Looks like they seem to be getting along with their introductions!
Keep us posted on how it goes. :)
Aww, such a sweet little guy! I would hang out in the corner with him if I was small enough. :)
and hes only like that when the older ones are around but when they are gone and its just him and the other little ones hes back to normal
haha he would attack you he wouldnt let me pick him up with out trying to bite until just grabbed him and he calmed down pretty quick
lol im saying i and stuff but really its my wife doing it im deployed right now and she does their little meetings while im talking to her on skype
Aww, well that will work out nice, if Machiatto ends up with the younger rats, since he sort of stays by himself when he is with the older boys. It is nice that you are keeping in touch with your wife on how the ratty kids are doing while you are gone. :)
machiatto is one of the younger rats, i got a really nice big cages im hoping i can get them all to live together
they are so cute..:)
Looks like things are going well so far! Yay!
so the rats are still going good with the meetings, one of the black and white one rolls over on his back when hes around the big ones, the other black and white one goes and plays with them and tries to wrestle with them but hes alot smaller, and macchiato still just stands by him self
Poor Machiatto, I wonder why he keeps staying by himself? Does he seem scared of the other rats for some reason?
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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