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Fish vet visit

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One of the pondfish, Daddyfish, had nasty looking lumps on him. We had thought that he burned himself on the heater. We noticed that the other fish that are his kids are getting lumps too so we took him to the vet on Saturday. The vet had to do a biopsy today. Daddy was sedated and the biopsy is off to the lab. We should have results in 7 days. The vet said it could be carp pox. What concerned me most is it also could be something that could be transmissionable to humans. I don't think so because I think my hands would be covered with fishy warts by now but I felt best checking.

Now onto our poor fancy tail Greta... We have been having an awful time with the water quality in the tank. She started gulping a few days ago. Jay noticed right away. It seemed to me she was getting better when Jay noticed yesterday that her tail was tattered. She has the most beautiful tail. Then the edges started getting red, her finpits began to turn red -she looked awful. So when I was talking to the vet about how Daddyfish did today with his biopsy I told him about Greta and he said to bring her over when I came to pick up Daddy. By the time I got her there she was upside down! She pretty much stayed that way the enitre time. The vet got a good look at how much red she had on her. He gave her a shot of Baytril but said things did not look good at all. He sent us home with another shot for tomorrow and liquid baytril to be given orally for 21 days. Mikey her tankmate is also on the oral baytril (as well as Daddy). I was so worried she was going to die on the way home - but she made it. And she is already showing improvement! She is no longer belly up, she was flipping over and righting herself but now she can keep herself upright. AND THE BEST PART - HER DORSAL FIN IS ACTUALLY UP SOME!!! It's been down for days! We separated Mikey from her with a screen because he was nipping her. We added an extra bubbler and covered her side of the tank with a towel. I am so hopeful for her. I am not looking forward to giving her the shot tomorrow but she needs it so I will do it. Intramuscular is more difficult but I can do it for her.

Just thought I would let everyone know that there are vets that see fish and people crazy enough to lug their fish in to see the vet!
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That's awesome to hear, it's great how you have a fish vet in the area :). Good luck!
Thats great that you have a fishy vet.. I think if we took a fish into one of the vets here they wouldn't know what to do with it.. The vet we took our rabbit to the first time didn't even know what kind of fish he had in his tank!
I am very lucky because he is a great vet!
And Greta seemed to be doing better this morning. She is holding herself straighter. I think some of her redness is subsiding.
My cats woke me up at about 1 this morning and I woke Jay up and we both went down to check on her. She was just hanging out at the top. First thing Jay did in the morning was to go down and check on her. I hope that she is doing even better when I get home from work. If she is I am going to wait for Jay to get home to give her the shot.

I am worried about her not eating. This morning Jay gave her a pea and she sucked it in but then spit it back out. Why? How can we get her to eat?
Wow, I didnt even know you could take fish to the vet! :rolleyes:
I hope they are doing better!
I doubt there are many vets that see fish.
Daddy is doing well. He was so strong last night I needed Jay's help to give him his baytril. I had to use two hands to hold him so Jay had to squirt the baytril in his mouth.

Greta and Mikey are hanging in there. Mikey's has been bottom sitting and dorsal fin stays down - unless of course he thinks there is food and then he gets up and starts swimming and has happy fins.

Greta is still gulping air at the top. We added an extra bubbler when I brought her home from the vet to be sure the water was well aerated. Her redness is getting better but still her little armpits are nasty red. We gave her the shot of baytril last night. Jay held her while I injected. We decided it was best to use the spot where the scale was off from the vet's injection. I aimed for that but I didn't have the best view and I missed. I hit a scale - and boy it was hard to pierce! If I had realized I would not have pushed. I thought her muscle was just that hard to penetrate. Once it went through it did so quickly - I jumped, she jumped - the baytril was still in the syringe and there was the scale on the needle. The second time I got the area where there was no scale and the needle went right in. I think she was pretty upset with us. I know we stressed her because she had bladder issues right after. Luckily she stopped completely flipping over within a half an hour. So tonight Jay and I will start her on the oral baytril. That should be much easier afterall we have had some practice on Daddy and Mikey!
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I'm glad you found one who would deal with them! We had one at our specialty clinic who would do fish house calls if needed and he was great, but most people didn't care enough to spend the $$. Shame, really.

I hope they improve quickly!
Thank you everyone. And no, money was no matter when it came to our Greta - unfortunately despite doing all we could she passed away today. We are both devestated. I really believed she was going to make it. But now Jay and I are sure that she needed to be with her Little Guy again.
It was really strange but we had a nitrite problem that we could not get under 0.25. I came home today to find Greta had passed. I removed her from the tank but still needed to test the water as Mikey is in there. Nitrites were still 0.25. Once Jay came home and we buried Greta next to the pond we started to tend to Mikey and the tank. I added ammonia lock since the ammonia would not go under 0.25 either. That was about 7:45 or so. Jay tested the water again around 9 saying that he needed to get those nitrites down - and they are now at 0 - the tube was a beautiful blue!
We really feel she needed to be with her Little Guy. She was always with him since we brought her home. She is once again with him swimming in the pond at rainbow bridge. We are going to miss her horribly but we know we will get to see her again in time.
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I'm so sorry :(. She was such a lucky fish to have someone who care about her as much as you did.
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