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Does this look bunny safe?|0||p_product_quantity_sold|1&cm_mmc=search_google-_-Flooring-_-Flexi-Tile%20Vinyl%20Flooring-_-flexi%20tile

I noticed Smudge sometimes eats the rug and carpet runner in his enlcosure if he gets bored at night. When he has free range during the day, he doesn't bother it- Only at night.
So on Friday my mom is taking me to a hardware store so I can get some new Smudge-proof flooring. I was thinking that those Flexi-Tiles would be perfect, since they would fit snuggly against the wall in my closet so he couldn't dig them up or chew the edges. So I was going to put those down, and then put 2 x 4s along the base of my wall. That way Smudge can't eat anything dangerous, but he can still chew the 2 x 4s if he wants too, and everyone's happy. :) He has to stay in his small cage at night until I can get this done though...

(BTW, the Flexi-Tiles are cheaper when you buy them individually... They aren't really $95/piece LOL)
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LOL my first thought was "woah girl! You can totally cheap that route!" I wouldn't see a problem with trying them. Smell them first bc any strong odors on the material might super offend bunny! I noticed when my bathroom was getting re-done in my old house the vinyl that was used smelled like poison for a week! And maybe put some blankets down on it so Smudge don't slip.
** the calender pic for February is a bunny and a kitten and its clearly on a slippery surface and bunny doesn't look too sure about things! lol
Haha yeah, I wont be spending $100+ on this!
They looked like they would be rubbery and gripable to me, but I guess I'll have to see them in person. Smudge has plenty of blankies too though.
I think they would work. I use these...

in my bunny room and know that one of our local shelters uses them as flooring in runs/pens as well. The ones in the link I posted are foam and soft, they are good for bunny feet. One of my rabbits had sore hocks for awhile when they just had the linoleum flooring. When I switched to the foam his feet finally healed up :) I guess he just needed some softer flooring.

As long as they aren't slippery (unless slippery surfaces don't bother Smudge?) and he doesn't chew them I bet they would work out well.
Oooh, those look nice too! And they come in rainbow :D
Have your bund ever eaten the foam though? Smudge is a horrible chewer and he eats what he chews, so my only concern is that the foam might be easier to chew. If it isn't though, I would prefer those. They look comfier than the Flewxi-Tiles. Do they clean easily too?
They are easy to clean - you can just wipe them off. They are pretty dense foam, so liquids don't soak in and you can spray them with vinegar or whatever and wipe them clean.

My bunnies haven't chewed on them at all, and I've had them set up in the room for maybe around 6 months now? Honestly I wouldn't use it if they chewed on it, just because I'm paranoid. But my bunnies are pretty good at not chewing on everything.

If you have a Wal*Mart near you and can find them they are packaged in clear plastic wrap so it's easy to see/feel what they are like before you buy them.
I bought those as mats for Acacia's levels and she chewed them. She ate what she chewed but thankfully was okay! If you keep the areas flat with these maybe he won't chew them? But Acacia sat on them and found the edges, there's also one of these puzzle things which is chewed from the center :/
Yeah Smudge doesn't chew the middle of anything, just the edges. But it the edges of the foam tiles go further out than his gait so that he can't get to the edges at night, I'm thinking that it would work, cause like I said before, he doesn't chew during the day.

I'm still not sure exactly how much the Flexi-Tiles are, but if I can afford them I will probably go with those... Smudge needs industrial strength flooring, LOL!
If they are too expensive I will try the foam tiles though. And if Smudge chews them, I'll return them and say they had some mysterious chew marks on them when I opened them. :giggle:

Oh, and is there any specific wood I should or shouldn't get when I get the 2 x 4's to lines the edges of his cage with? I know no red wood, and nothing treated.

BTW, can you use those beach mats in their cages? I just saw something about it on another site, and it looked like a good idea!
As long as they aren't slippery (unless slippery surfaces don't bother Smudge?) and he doesn't chew them I bet they would work out well.
Those look like a great idea - the tiles from Wal-Mart. I use linoleum, but I've found that it is a bit too slippery for Oliver. The linoleum wipes clean really well, but I have to put down grass mats so he doesn't slip and slide all over the place!
Yeah - I have a linoleum floors and although they are really easy to clean, they just don't work for my bunnies. One of mine refuses to walk on slippery surfaces so he wouldn't leave the cage until I covered the linoleum. Then for another one, the linoleum floor was too hard for him apparently because as soon as I used the foam mats his sore hocks started healing up.

The foam mats are easy to clean too. Like a said, one of the shelters around here uses them for flooring because they are easy to clean, not slippery, and easy on sensitive bunny feet. :)
I'm going to go shopping for flooring stuff tomorrow, so I'll let you guys know what I get and how it works!

Any advice on the beach mats or 2 x 4s?
What are the beach mats made of?

I don't know much about what kinds of 2 X 4's you should look for. I know my cage is made of "untreated poplar hardwood" which is suppose to be rabbit safe. I'd probably go for some kind of hardwood even though I have read that untreated pine is okay. Sorry I don't know too much about this. The only wood other than wooden toys in my bunny room is their cage and I bought that premade so I didn't have to pick the type of wood myself.
I'm pretty sure the boards I use to block off my bed are pine wood. Pine wood is bunny-safe as far as I know, it's the shavings you can't use.
OK, so pine or hardwood. :) Thanks!

And I was thinking of these types of beach mats. They are made of some kind of hard grass-ish stuff?
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Those look safe, make sure you know what it's treated with to make it water proof though! I remember Summer 2009 when I worked at my last job we got those in but they smelled awful from the protectant on it !!!
Well I ended up getting an exeercise equipment mat. :) It is squishy and durable, but it doesn't have the seams that the interlocking tiles have so it should be just about impossible to destroy. I'm putting it in today, so I'll post pics when I am done!

Those Flexi-Tiles ended up being $12/piece or something like that, so including the wood I bought it would have cost me over $40! The exercise mat was only $20, so I ended up spending under $30 on everything. :D
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