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flyers and toys

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I have a gorgeous little female southern flying squirrel, I just got her about 2 months ago, bonding still isn't complete due to my own fault (and my school work), but it'll happen..:rolleyes:

So, I feel like she's gettting a little bored at night, she has a wheel and a little hammock, but I was wondering if flyers enjoyed toys, and what type of toys she would like?

Accepting any advice given.:D
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I'm not sure, but as southern flying squirrels are native wildlife to OH, it may be illegal to own them there.
I checked that out before I got her, they are legal, my breeder has his permit and mine is currently in the process. Oddly enough you apply for the permit after getting the flyer, but she is legal and I cannot be arrested for having her thankfully. thanks though
Hey there I actually make sugar glider / flying squirrel / ferret / bird toys - usually I have found that they really like toys that make alot of noise ones that have bells and things like that on them - usually ones that hang from the top of the cage too I can send you some pictures of a few I have come up with I know my sugar gliders LOVE them! lol feel free to shoot me an email!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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