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Michelle has a plan on Bachelors The Marquee Blog

Yesterday evening episode of Bachelor started with Brad and the seven remaining women arriving around Costa Rica for a week with fun and adventure, although I pretty sure at least half advisors couldn find Costa Rica on a map.

Brad gives the ladies an excursion of the hotel they are all residing at, and he looking quite tired. Guess he remembered his passport, but not the toothpastes.

Chantal is the recipient of the first person date, and the show kama'aina ( cartoon villain, Michelle, seriously isn't happy about it, wishing that will Chantal gets attacked by apes and apes during her day. (Well, Tortuguero National Park within Costa Rica is home to several kinds of monkeys.)

Brad and Chantal check out a zip line for their night out, and they very excited ugg boots outlet sale. A case in point, that they talk about their excitement a few dozen times while they together. Perhaps once they end their zip lining, people win a thesaurus to understand words synonymous with

Heavy weather forces Chantal and plaid-clad Brad for you to his hotel room for dinner, where Chantal apparently looks in one associated with Brad dress shirts. Apparentlythat put isan ancient cave filled with softball bats, spiders and various other creatures you see in Halloween TV savings. this must mean Michelle is getting the boot, right?

Wrong. I don recognize why Brad doesn tell her for getting lost when she keeps butting in on other discussions, and even visiting him in her room he is definitely window blind!!

February 8, 2011 during 4:44 pm |

Look into Reality Steve blog- it stuffed with accurate spoilers. Next week, Britt gets the 1 on 1 date, and gets sent home. At the rose ceremony, guess who gets the boot? Mrs . does. Then, following home team dates, Shawntel. Then Ashley. Final two- Tanya is eliminated and he is currently engaged to Chantal. Emily is the frontrunner for Bachelorette.

Your scary thing is, Michelle was only a bit off with the woman eliminations. She an actress. Test ou her stats for IMDB- her name is Mrs . Money. She has a movie emerging this month. She is likely a bit crazy ugg boots outlet, but discussion what the producers are getting the girl to say for camera time frame. I don think this is a great career move for her- she incredibly pretty but has become unlikable- We watch her movie merely can see it for free- however i not a fan.
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