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found kittens!

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Today a friend that is a vet and I decided to take a walk through the cemetary. as its sooo goergous and well taken care of and leads right to the lake as we were heading there we found 3 kittens :( we managed to capture them, my friend took 2 home the two females one was all grey with a white patch the other was all white with a grey patch . and I have the little male here with me, Not sure if were keeping him or not but hubby says will deal with it when he gets home , this little one is black and white, my friend who was with me and was checking them out for fleas ect thinks that the one i have has cerebellar hypoplasia which basically means something didnt develope properly in its brain so its motor skills arent the best as its really wobbly shere about 8 weeks old one of the other kittens was sorta like this one for walking just not as bad.I thought id share a pic of the little i have. its kinda cute i emailed hubby about it he didnt yell or scream supringly and just said wed deal with it when he got home.Ill post videos later of how he walks poor thing is sooo cute.
I havent decided what to name it or anything i just been calling it kitty. I just sent hubby this picture to see what he says about it hehe

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i dunno why it double posted can a mod please take this one off
i dunno why it double posted can a mod please take this one off
did you report it, so they will see it? until it is removed, for anyone wanting to post about the new little baby Nibbler has rescued, the active thread is here:

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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