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Four Paws, Inc.

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Here is a story about a horrible injury a dog sustained from a toy made by Four Paws, Inc.

Chai the lab mix was playing with a ball that had a bell inside. There is one hole in the ball and when Chai bit down and released, a vacuum was created, sucking his tongue inside. His tongue swelled up and the ball had to be cut away and removed. After several days in severe pain, Chai had his tongue completely amputated.

Four Paws, Inc. has pretty much refused to publicly acknowledge this problem. They have not recalled the toy or even posted any warnings about it. Chai survived, but after posting his story his owner received responses from other people whose pets had also been injured by the ball! In 2005, one lab mix, Cole, died as a result of the injuries caused by the ball. Four Paws, Inc. was alerted to the problem at that time, and 3 years later dogs are still being injured by the product.

Here is a link to the full story, it's a series of blog posts. The original story is at the bottom, with updates above it on the page.
The Chai Story
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And the company sees nothing wrong???
Well I would spread this around to anyone you know. If the company isn't going to take responsibility, then people will have to take matters in to their own hands. Hopefully people can band together and sue the business. That poor dog :( Hopefully people can force them to recall or go out of business. :(
I saw thing on another forum.

By-cot Four Paws products till they take care of this and even after because you never know if the product is safe.

At least Chai's owners are doing everything they can and their spreading the word. Poor puppy.
i dont buy four paws...i dont even know what kind of toys they have....coco loves stuffed toys,thats why so i buy cheap stuffed toys from salvation army usually and he decapitated them and then they go in the garbage...poor dogg though,you think a product is safe though,same with Hartz products i have a complete boycott on them.
That's awesome news. Once word started spreading online they decided to actually do something about it.

Really it should be an easy fix for them, all they have to do is put another hole in the ball so it doesn't create a vacuum. That's what they should have done in the first place after that dog died a few years ago. :(
well from the articles i read, it sounded like there was a problem with SOME of the balls, but not all, i'm not sure what the part was that was defective though
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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