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We've had our baby arctic fox for a bout 3 months now, got him at 5 weeks old. Needless to say, he's an adorable little bugger but like all foxes, he's got some bothersome tendencies!

Mostly, we're trying to litter him atm. I've read that mostly you just put his poo's in the litter box and hope that he notices. Well, he's not noticing :( Right now he has 2 or 3 spots that he regularly poos in, and we put those puppy pads down there, which he does use. However if I then put a litter box there, he does not use it.

On a side note; Ru does not like to go outdoors, at least not without a person nearby. He's very attached to people; incredibly happy when we get home, follows me into every room. We put him outside in his enclosure and he is fine until we leave- then he cries and tries to get out and follow us. Even for short periods of time (5 minutes). Any way to get him to 'like' his outdoor enclosure or at least be comfortable there alone?

Thanks for reading! :)
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