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This was a "Q and A" from Pet Nurse Marie's all Experts site:in regards to ear troubles in a coder spaniel..Here is a great solution for the ear situation:At the bottom of the page I will suggest an oil to add into her food...Spaniel Ear Cleaner Recipe( for any breede of dog )__________________________Ingredients:
White vinegarPowdered boric acidIsopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)Betadine antiseptic (or generic equivalent)
Directions for mixing the solution together:pour 6 ounces of isopropyl alcohol in to a plastic applicator bottle.Add 1/2 tablespoon of boric acid powder. Be careful not to get any boric acidon your skin or clothes. If you do, wash it off immediately.
Add 2 ounces of white vinegar.Shake the solution extremely well, until the boric acid powder is fully dissolved.Once the powder is dissolved, add one teaspoon of the Betadine antiseptic, and shake it up some more.

Be careful not to get any Betadine on your skin or clothes. If you do, wash it off immediately.Squirt the solution inside your dog's ear until the ear canal is completely full.Massage the outside of the ear to help slosh the cleaning solution around inside.Hold the dog still for about a minute. If you get any of the ear cleaning solution on your skin, wash it off as soon as possible.Be sure to shake the solution up really well before each and every time you use it.The boric acid has a tendency to settle at the bottom of the bottle.

Store at room temperature.Use the cleaning solution daily until you start to see some improvement.Gradually cut back to once per week when you are happy with the condition of the ear.When the ear seems completely free of infection, you can go two weeks between treatments.Warning: Do not use this ear cleaning solution on dogs with ruptured ear drums, or on dogs with open sores or wounds in the ear area.

An ear exam by a veterinarian is recommended prior to beginning treatment with this ear cleaning solution.
This recipe came to you from Jim & Kellyn Zimmerlinwww.zimfamilycockers.comNext, Get a good Salmon Oil to add to her food 1 x per day ( 1 teaspoon)
Try to get a pure oil ( pure Alaska salmon)

And Last:
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I hope you are feeding a food that is grain free or at least doesn't have corn or corn meal. Corn is known to cause ear infections and allergic problems such as itching and dry skin.
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