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Free male iguana, we rescued him a few years ago, but he has gotten so big that we are unable to provide him with a healthy living environment. Most of the year he is very friendly, and we let him run around the house, or put him in a harness and take him outside.

He loves to have his back scratched and eats nearly any vegetables, and strawberry heads.

We are giving him a way because we just can afford a larger cage for him. We are unable to give him a better living environment.

Currently he is about 4 ft, from tip of nose to end of tail.

He has a cyst on his cheek and tail, which the vet says they can do nothing but put him down. Even though he is NOT in pain, so it seems a waste to put such a beautiful animal down when he can have a long healthy life.

If interested please call or text 503-501-1788
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