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Hi, my name is Stephen. I have a Dogue de Bordeaux named Milo. From being a puppy he has suffered numerous allergies, i was concerned with his diet, and after researching the pet food industry, and 6 months of planning i've commissioned and branded my own range of premium and hypoallergenic foods. Launched on 11.5.09 to date we have over 150 customers!
HEIGHTS FARM PREMIUM PET FOODS only contain 100% wholesome natural ingredients. You won’t find any artificial colourings, flavourings, preservatives, dairy or soya products in our wide range. Fresh chicken, grade “A” chicken meal, fresh salmon or lamb meal are just some of the main ingredients that ensure our premium quality. Our hypoallergenic range has no wheat nor wheat gluten content, known as a common cause of pet intolerances.
A unique steam process at the last baking stage creates a lighter “honeycomb” textured kibble, and allows your animal’s rapid digestive system the chance to dissolve and extract all that hi-quality natural goodness.
The result is maximum nutritional benefit, minimal waste and due to the Yucca ingredient, waste is odourless! Formulated by the country’s finest nutritionist’s to the highest standards, you are assured of an outstanding wholesome feed... Proudly produced in Lancashire.
I would be delighted to send anyone a free sample with no obligation. Call 01204 322755, or me direct on 07768 746 119 or visit us on-


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