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rice Kenji: This is very difficult, in addition to the partners factors, there are factors of the product solutions because Pajero is the product of more than 500,000 yuan, while the Lancer price of less than $ 100,000 So both provide the service is not the same, on a channel is difficult to provide consistent service,apple M8603*/A akku.
introduction of newly arrived Lancer and new eclipse sports car, Lancer Evolution X will be listed in September,apple MB771J/A akku, and the other two cars will be the end of the listing.

rice Kenji: COLT produced in three places in Japan, China Taiwan and Europe, and Japan produced only right rudder, left rudder models are manufactured in China, Taiwan and Europe, if you think that is a good market opportunity, we consider the Chinese mainland import the new COLT.

The models have a plan?
rice Kenji: the concept of the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has three, the first is to run fast, and the second is a sense of trust, and third is the protection of the environment. Together these three is the Mitsubishi philosophy. Therefore, we are committed to the development of environmentally friendly cars and hybrid vehicles, the back bring i-MIEV models is a typical example.
You think the future hybrid at the end of which time,Compaq Evo N1000V-470038-314 akku, electric vehicles will become mainstream?
rice Kenji: I think that electric vehicles will become mainstream, such as the i-MIEV. But the biggest problem of the fully electric car charging, charging time is how to solve impossible because the charging and refueling is completed within three minutes of the injection of energy, but battery technology updates very quickly, a charging almost about 200 km away.
disadvantages, the benefits of imported Mitsubishi Motors Company immediately after the completion of the development can be put to the Chinese, there is a tendency in this speed. Localization,HP Pavilion xf335-F5420HR akku, then there must be some mold development, production lines ready, staff training would take two to three years time. If the development is completed, then I'll put better. But the disadvantage of imports is what? Expensive, and relatively low sales. If you can lower the price or selling volume that consumption will increase. The products, brand awareness around 10 million, 12 million to improve.
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