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Fruits, veggies and doggy treats

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I give my puppy 3 dog treats and 3 baby carrots a day. I'd like to add some fruit and more veggie variety, what other human foods can I give him that won't make him sick?
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Why? Dogs aren't omnivores. Plus carrots are VERY high in sugar.
After he's done his carrot (10-15 min..he also plays with it) he just lays down. My in-law's give their dogs carrots all the time...they don't get hyper or anything either. I don't think there's anything wrong with giving your dog human food as long as it doesn't make them sick and as long as it's not from your plate.
It's still excess sugar his body doesn't need - even humans don't get a sugar rush from carrots. Why not give him a raw meaty bone to chew on instead?
Raw meat wouldn't make him sick? Especially chicken?
Lol no! Dogs are designed for raw meat. Carnivores in the wild will go after the diseased and dying, because their digestive tracts are designed to handle it. Not that I'm recommending feeding him diseased meat, not at all, but raw meat wouldn't make him sick at all. There's several people here that can vouch for that; they feed one of the many menu styles of raw-fed.

Also, don't even think the bone would splinter, either. So long as the bones are fresh and not old(which would be...gross anyway), they don't splinter. Cooked bones splinter, not fresh ones. :)
LOL...he's my very first pet...I've had fishes before, but it's not the same. I'll try giving him chicken legs when he's a bit older. I don't really feel too comfortable giving him raw meat at 3 months and my hubby said the same thing too. Maybe in another 3 months or so. Thanks :)
you can give fresh veggies and boiled meat as treats, its ok. Your pup will love boiled chicken or turkey.
my mom gives her collie carrots as well , she just toss's them around its really cute to see considering shes 17 years old
We give my dog cooked chicken every day, and once in a while he gets some veggies too. If we have soup or something, he gets a little bit too. And if we get him canned food, it usually has some kind of veggies in it. :D He won't eat just plain veggies though- He is picky.
Since others have mentioned meat and vegetables, I figured I'd mention another possible treat...eggs :). Sometimes I mix raw egg with my dog's food, she loves it.
My dog goes crazy for scrambled eggs, but I've never tried a raw one. Interesting. :)
I'll try boiled meats..but I'm not too sure about the eggs..especially raw eggs.
A raw egg once a week will make the fur shine!
I read online that raw egg whites contain "avidin" and that damages a dogs metabolism and creates biotin deficiency, but once cooked they're alright-
I also found this other site that says raw meats are not good for dogs either because of Salmonella E. collie which causes diarrhea & vomiting and they also have info on why not to give raw eggs to your dog-
I'm not sure about the egg, but I know that most dogs can thrive on a raw diet. So the raw meat not being good for them doesn't really make sense to me, since they would eat it in the wild. Hmm.
I'm not sure about the egg, but I know that most dogs can thrive on a raw diet. So the raw meat not being good for them doesn't really make sense to me, since they would eat it in the wild. Hmm.
The website in the link is owned by a company that makes and sells their own dog food. As much I like the company for their customer service, they definitely have something to gain by advising against raw feeding ;).
Oh crap, I missed that part on the 2nd link. lol sorry...but the first link "eHow" about eggs I believe cuz I've seen it a few times. Not feeling too good about feeding him anything raw except veggies & fruits.
When can I start him on 'wet' food that can be mixed in his kibble?
Oh, I see. I didn't even read the link LOL, but it just didn't sound right. :rolleyes:
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