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Hello Everybody!!

My name is Lacatus, and like everyone here, I'm very interested in pets.

I really like fun pets that move a lot around people or play too much. That's why I get to watch more videos of exotic

pets such as 'monkeys' and stuff. Monkeys by the way are very fun, I think they might be my favorite pets, but cost so

much 😭. Besides that, cats are my favorite. They are so cute and adorable. I would like to get more cats, but I'm

looking for advise as I am new to this. Please don't hesitate to write down below your advise. Thank you so much!!🥰

And 💗Cute And Funny Pets | Try Not To Laugh To These Pets Compilation #7💗 Cutest Lands ( this

is a very fun pet video I recently watched and I think you would love watching it!!
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