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Fussy hammy handling!

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So I have a lovely little sweetheart of a hamster named Daisy. She's almost a year old and I've been thru the whole taming process. I CAN pick her up when i need to, but it seems to make her pretty nervous. She gets fussy after only a few seconds of handling. I've been trying to work with her more to get her used to it, she doesnt lash out or bite you can just tell it makes her uncomfortable. Her heart rate rises and she tries to jump and squirm away, or worse sits still and shivers! I had another hamster of the same breed and gender and tamed her the same way and she loved to be held. Is it just a personality difference or are there any ways you know of to help make hammies more comfortable with handling? She responds rly well to my voice and seems to like beig talked to and i can reach in the cage without a problem so I'm wondering if shes just maybe...quirky? She recently moved to a new cage but the problem was happening before the move as well.
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is she a dwarf hamster? Dwarves generally have an attitude that persists :)
No shes a syrian im sry i should have mentioned.
no worries! i'm not familiar
you may have a nervous syrian I do as well. i've had my girl since birth and handling is still fussy. the best thing you can do is let her run around on you someplace she is safe and offer her treats. also my dwarf is a very lovable boy so not always true about dwarfs its all about proper handling. Female syrians have lots of attitude and love to roam. she will always love to roam but you can put her someplace safe and let her explore you :) This is how I tamed all my hamsters :)

It is a personality difference some are very shy and they take longer to work with. I know its hard but try to let her explore rather than holding her. also give her a treat and if she lets you pet her :) Just give it time.
My first hamster sweet little Beth R.I.P was amazing and loved being handled, but in my opion I think all hamsters are different. My currunt hamster Olly has never liked being handled, actually he hates it. I put that down to me trying to play with him on the first day thinking he would be like Beth. Its hard when your hamster doesn't liked to be picked up, but I say you just need to keep trying, I am. :D
Well I'm glad to know its not just her! Thanks so much for the very helpful comments I think I might invest in one of those play pen things and let her play in the floor with me and see if that helps :)
for my dwarf jigglypuff, she thought when I picked her up it meant she was going to go somewhere.. she didn't really get that I just wanted to hold her!.. So i began to reward her with a tiny bit of cheese when she would sit in my hand without fussing and/or nipping "hey mom! put me down somewhere already!"

it made her happy to sit in my hand that time, but it does not seem to train them to always sit nice. I duno, dwarves are kinda.. light of brain.
Dwarfs are not stupid at ALL my dwarf is smarter than my syrian just because an animal does not do what you want does not make them stupid. Would you call a 3 year old stupid because they don't sit still? Hamsters are prey animals and very curious people need to accept that sometimes you earn their trust and they just don't wanna cuddle. Hamsters aren't the cuddle little creatures they are made out to be they don't like sitting still. In fact the only time they really do is when they are sleeping. Even in their cages have you ever seen your hamster stop doing things?

Could I see your cage? It could help with working on trust :)
l I have a syrian (not sure how the dwarf stuff got started), and I do understand that hamsters aren't cuddle bugs, but I had another female syrian who was much more comfortable being held. If there's any way to help make this hamster more comfortable thats great, but if its just a personality thing thats ok too! I tried to post a pic of the cage but it said my post count wasn't high enough? Its a glass tank with wire top, there's an ovo tunnel running from the floor of the tank upwards, through a small bubble, and then back down into a large habitat bubble with a wheel and a little staircase thing...
I'll try to figure out the posting thing so sorry!
Just talking about personality

Also your cage sounds too small. Unless its a 20 gallon long aquarium. Also getting your hamsters into a routine could help. I use to handle mine the same time nightly
I really don't think its too small theres two different floor spaces and both are a pretty good size, i also have another room to add as soon as i can get the parts. when I described it to my hamster breeder she said it was fine, and Daisy seems really happy with it. Thanks for all your help!
Just let her get used to u and your sent maybe, it might work, if not then it's just her for some reason.
Not true every hamster can be tamed given the time. Try sitting in an empty bath tub with her and let her crawl around you and try offering treats
If that is true it hasnt always work for me. hhhmmmmm?
Animals have distinctive personalities Jeff Jey, and some need more time to get used to their owners then others.

Elliriyanna has given good advice - you need to be patient and try to look at it from the animal's point of view. What can you be doing that is making it uncomfortable with you trying to handle it?

Only handle the animal when they are the three A's; Alert, Awake and Aware of their surroundings. This will help them be at ease and willing to be touched.

If it's too reckless or noisy around their habitat they may not want to be handled at all :\ You need to think like the Hamster before you attempt to handle it. Wash your hands before doing so, offer treats, if they are okay with you touching them then let them explore on you in a tub (like Elli said) and do not touch them for about 20 minutes during the exercise so it can earn your trust.
Thanks Lacrima :)

How is taming coming along? I know it can be a very long process but its very worth it in the end
Slowly... but its getting better. Ive been hand feeding her treats and handling her for very short periods of time every evening. Unfortuantely we have to go out of town for the weekend but when i get back i plan to start with the tub thing :) Thanks for all of the help I wish I could post pics I have the most adorable shot of Daisy munching on a treat that I gave her.
You should be able to post a link if you have a photobucket. keep us updated :)
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