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Ok so I really need a new rat cage......We have three girls right now and we want to get 2 more so in all we want to have 5 and I need a new cage. The one we have now is to small for three that we have. So we have to wait to get the other 2 till we get a bigger cage.Now this is where you lovely people come in!

Here are something that I am looking for:

  • I need a cage that will hold at least 5 female rats of course more is A-ok!
  • I want the ledges to be plastic, I don't want wire ledges.
  • I don't know what bar spacing would be good for them so I need your guys help with that.
  • I don't want a martin cage or a ferret or critter nation. I don;t like how the martin cages look and I don't like how the ferret and critter nation's have no base. Its just flat.
  • I want something that is relatively easy to clean.
Also I'm not handy with tools so I can't make one.

It doesn't have to be designed for rats just as long at it is safe for rats and they can not escape.

So ya, thanks for all the help and links would be great!
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