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Gah I was NOT Ready to Lose Cybele!! :'(

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Such a short time we had together...but then is it ever long enough? :(
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sorry to hear about cybele :(
Oh Lilspaz, another one...:(

I just read your wiki tribute with the photos, and I am so very sorry about Cybele. What a sweet girl and she seemed so grateful and happy with you. Not fair at all that she left so soon. I know you were looking forward to lots more cuddles and kissy sessions with this sweetheart. I am very, very sorry. :(
:( I'm so sorry to hear about her. Just like with Storyseeker's Zmei, I must say that it is nice to know that she passed away at home, in the place that she loved and was loved. Rest in peace, sweet girl. :hugg2: :hugg2:
Oh Lilzspaz. Some of our babies are just harder to lose than others aren't they? As always though, even though poor Cybele's time was so short, I'm so glad she was with YOU.

This made me cry and smile: "She stopped startling when I touched her and she would even come looking for me if I took too long to join her. She would be searching and searching for me, and I would call he name or touch her and she would stop, her ears would swivel and she’d toddle right to me, crawl up or near me and just go still…then the bruxxing would start again. God I loved this girl."

That says everything that needs saying, doesn't it?
Yes, it sure does. :approve:
Thanks guys...this made me cry too in a sad but good way. I miss her so much.
She was a beautiful Rat, and it sounds like she had a home and family that really loved her!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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