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ok well yes I breed some of my gerbils but that does not mean that 1- I can diagnose things over an email, 2- I can tell you if your gerbils are male or female without pictures over an email, 3- Tell the color of your gerbils when they are described to me over an email without pictures. Sorry to vent but this is just frustrating me. Someone randomly emailed me (not sure how they got my email in the first place) telling me their gerbils had a litter of babies and they couldnt tell the boys from the girls (they had gotten a missexed pair and both were supposed to be female) So the pair she has are probably related, already had their first litter together and ate them, they are now on their second litter with the third on the way. She was trying to tell me the colors and described them as black, albino, black and white, all gray, gray and white. well since there is no such thing as albino its either REW or PEW, the Black can only be one color :) , black and white is obviously spotted black, and as for the grays the only thing that I could think of easily without knowing the recessives is probably slate. The spotted ones were described as having mohawks, right away i knew she was talking about their blaze. ok so after lotts and lots of problems and the fact that she doesnt want the parents, she doesnt have homes for any and she didnt even know the mom was pregnant again I had suggested to take all of them and care for them, in return i would trade her a male pair that I was sure was same sex. I would have to split the male and female and find homes for not only this litter but the next. and She also wanted to know what was wrong with the mother gerbils eye. I have no idea until I see her. Could be the same thing as my gerbil (just a bit of sleep) or it could be something entirely different that she needs to go to a vet for.

OK well I think im done venting about that.. sorry for taking up the forum with that it was just kind of bothering me that she expected me to be able to do all of that over an email without even seeing pictures or adequite descriptions.
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