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Hey everyone!!! How are you guys doing? :)
I've got a few questions about pregnancy/genetics of Dwarf Cambells Hamster! Also, for anyone who wants to know...

Do I want to breed Dwarf Cambells Hamsters? When im fully educated. In other words...eventually.
Please don't go up on those high horses yet, save it for the idiots who buy petco hamsters too breed.

So here are my questions:

Is there anything special I can do for first time or in general pregnant hamsters to decrease the chance of cannibalism/abandonment and stress?

So far, My checklist...

- Move female into a large bin cage as soon as pregnancy is possible.

- Include more bedding than usual and only change bedding 4 days before birth IF the hamster is not stressed out. Add soft bedding materials if needed.

- Remove wheels and unnecessary toys that can cause harm to pups and mom at least 4 days in advance.

- Add more protein filled foods into moms diet.
Sunflower seeds, Warm Milk dipped bread for milk production, broccoli, pumpkin seeds and cooked egg whites. Any other food ideas?

- Keep cage in a very quite, level temperature, and dimly lit place.
What would you consider a good temperature?

Whats your opinion on keeping fathers in the cage?
Since I am going to be moving pregnant female into bin cages I don't plan on moving the males with her. I also fear that the males will just bother the female and eat the young.

Is this correct? Argente is (pp) & Black Eye Argente is (bb)?
I need explaination on these genes, in depth. I understand that Argentes tend to be much brighter than Black Eyed Argentes, but why is this? Is because they carry some form of gene that bb doesn't carry? Does pp have some tie with the albino gene? No, that doesn't make sense. Ugh. Argentes confuse me!

On Diluting & Silvering...What is your opinion on the diluting and silvering genes?
What exactly is the diluting gene? I understand that it changes the coat to a lighter color with time. Adding more brown and lighter colors. Silvering is a gene that occurs in Blacks causing silvering with age. Is this possibly due to improper breeding? Is this gene dominant along with the diluting gene? Is it possible for the diluting gene and silvering gene to be physically present one individual?

Hypothetically speaking, what if a diluted black male mated with a black eye argent? The babies would be chocolate, but how would diluting affect the coats? All chocolates do silver eventually on top of this... The same question would go for Doves as well.

Mottled Hamsters...Avoid Ruby Eyed?
If I understand how exactly the Mottled gene works, basically, don't mate a Ruby Eye with a Ruby Eye. Be sure that any mottled mated with a Ruby Eye has no Ruby Dominant gene. If you do have a ruby eye it would be best to mate it with nonpatterns. Correct? A lot like Platinum.

Oh wow.........I think......Thats it! xD;;

I am allergic to maths
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You seem to have pretty much everything
under control as far as the babies go but remember to take the mom into consideration, you need to leave her alone during labour, give her some treats, handle her less and things like that.
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