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Gerbil/Hamster need rehoming-Sterling Heights, Michigan

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I have two animals I need to rehome. I rescued both of them from becoming snake food, but I can't keep them.

First one is a female gerbil. About 1 year old. She is a Burmese/Siamese. She is very cute and friendly. She is still a little jumpy and will need someone to work with him. She will let me pet her, but she was not handled very much before I got her. I try to work with her every day, but I'm not much of a gerbil person and I'm always scared she will get away from me. They are not the best pets for small children because they are very fast and can easily escape a small child's hand. This does not mean I will not give her to a child, but please make sure the child knows how to handle gerbils.

I'm looking for a home for her with another female gerbil. I was planning on putting her in with the other female I had gotten but unfortunately the other one passed away before I can the chance. :( I will ONLY adopt her out to you if you have another FEMALE gerbil.

Second animal is an approximant 6-7 month old female Syrian (teddy/short-haired) hamster. She is very sweet. She does still need some work, but you can pet her pick her up and cuddle with her for a bit. She would make a great pet for a small child. You just have to teach them that she is not a toy. She does need to be handled gently and on a daily basis in order to stay friendly.

She CANNOT be housed with any other hamster or animal. Syrian hamsters DO NOT get along with other hamsters. They WILL fight to the death. She was housed for a short time with her brother and she attacked him. They are very sweet hamsters with humans; they just don't like other hamsters.

Also remember gerbils can live up you 8 years (2-4 being the average) and Syrian hamster can live about 5 years (2-3 being the average) with the proper care. Please be prepared to provide properly care for them for the rest of their life. I'm willing to give you all the information needed on the proper care if you don't know much about them. They are great first time pets.

Both of them have adoption fee of $10 each. I'm not making money on them; the adoption fee will be donated to a shelter. But there is an adoption fee to make sure they do not become snake food.

I will not just give them to anyone. Please email me with any questions. And please include in your email your name, age, and give a short description on how they will be taken care of (brand of food, kind of bedding etc.).

If for ANY reason at some point you need to rehome them PLEASE contact me and I WILL take them back. If it's the next day or years from now. ANY REASON!!!

Obviously you do not need to take both of them since they are not housed together.


Thanks for looking!!!

More pictures of them:
Hamster: Hamster/

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I live in Nebraska lol if we could find some way to meet somewhere i would adopt your gerbil! I currently own a black-eyed female white gerbil who would love a friend! she has been by herself her whole life and i rescued her from our school! i love my gerbil and i would love to take in another and i would take time to give them both the attention and love they deserve.... what do you say!?!
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