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Gettin A Friend For Binoo

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So now that Binoo is neutered I was thinking about getting him a buddy. Do rabbits do better in pairs? Male or female? If I do get him a friend I'll be going to the local humane society.
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I think it takes a certain amount of weeks for the neuture to be fully healed not sure when you got it done just saying :) also it doesnt matter either or as long as you slowly introduce them so be prepared to have more then one cage for awhile
I have another question as well, we are moving houses. I don't want to stress him out with the move. Have any of you moved with your bunnies? obviously i'm not going get a new bunny and try to introduce them while we are in the process of moving. I'm trying to find a sitter in the town we are moving to so he can be out of the house while its so hectic.
Wait a few months for his hormones to die off. Newly neutered bunnies can still impregnate a female (if she is not spayed)

I moved a couple of time with my bunny. Toss a blanket in the pen a few days before you need to move so his scent gets all over it. This blanket you will use in the carrier. Set up a temp set up in the new house in a quiet section of the house, this set up can be smaller than his normal pen (providing you don't use commercial jail cell cages). After a day or so you can begin the set up of a permanent pen/condo in a high traffic area of the house. Bunnies need to feel social and part of the family, I always reccommend the living room for bunnies.

Since you are moving, it would be easier to coincide with adopting a new bunny. Make sure it is a girl, boy-girl bonds work better usually. If you're moving soon, ask the shelter if you can do a trial date in the new home and only pick from ones who have been spayed for at least 6 months. If Binoo doesn't like her he won't bond with her, and vice-versa. The new home will act as a neutral territory so neither are defending a territory.
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The shelter I was gonna adopt from does not spay/neuter the rabbits they have. So if I wanna adopt a bunny from the shelter that's over an hour away I have to wait until after the move. I find it a bit stupid that they don't fix their buns.
Money. I know first hand how hard it is for non-profit organizations to come up with that kind of money. If you helped out with fundraising and leafletting for them maybe they could start to raise money and spay-neuter them.
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