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Getting A BUNNY!

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:question:Ok i'm planning on getting a bunny VERY soon but I have NO CLUE what to buy for it. I have no idea about cages,food,vet services or anything! I would really like to know EVERYTHING possible. If you could tell me EVERYTHING write it here or pm but PLEASE don't give websites they NEVER help! So post anything you know here thanks :D
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Be sure to match your bunny size with your space some bunnies grow into very large bunnies, others stay very small. Research to make sure you get the right bunny. And best to keep the bunny indoors, indoor bunnies are much safer and have more fun, and its so much easier to have a good relationship with them. Also make sure any toys you get your bunny are appropriate, i/e. nothing that they could swallow and get into trouble with. bunnies require daily care and cleaning, and attention.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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