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Getting A BUNNY!

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:question:Ok i'm planning on getting a bunny VERY soon but I have NO CLUE what to buy for it. I have no idea about cages,food,vet services or anything! I would really like to know EVERYTHING possible. If you could tell me EVERYTHING write it here or pm but PLEASE don't give websites they NEVER help! So post anything you know here thanks :D
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Rabbits are a big responsibility and you should reaaaally consider if rabbits are right for you- They are more like little puppies that never grow up IMO... always hiper and eager to destroy what evers around them! :p
Rabbits should have fairly large cages at least one square foot per pound of rabbit. Bigger the better tho- my bu Smudge is around 5 bls and he has aboout 12 square feet of room, including his shelf.
All rabbits should really be nuetered- they are better behaved, easier to littler box train, less hormonal, and they cant get reproductive cancer if they are fixed. Girls are especially at risk for this and most dont live past 4 or 5 if they arent. If you arent planning on getting it fixed tho, you should get a male.
Diet is very important too- they should have unlimeted hay, about a cup of veggies, and a sall amount of plain pellets a day. Mixtures with seeds and stuff are acually really bad for them.

Good luck with your bunny
Hello, I think you have been kind of scolded more than helped w/ your question.
No one is scolding her. If anything we are just making sure she knows rabbits are a big responsibility and not just simple pets that can be thrown in a hutch.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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