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We are hopefully getting a foster dog either today or sometime by the end of the weekend. A lady from another rescue is coming to give us a home inspection and have an interview with us(we were actually just going to give her some food we had left over after we switched our boys to a different food and i told her that we were going to possibly foster for another rescue) so we have two choices of puppys

One is a female named foxy. She is 8 months old and a terrier mix who came from san cosme near cancun mexico. We are meeting her pretty soon to see how she does with winston(harley is currently at my mom's for speckies sake since she is getting worse and probably will be put down very soon and to also help my mom)

This is foxy:

The second is a little pup named mandy(I kinda already falling for her) she is a Terrier/Labrador Retriever Mix. She is currently in La Paz waiting for either a foster family or to be adopted.

This is mandy:
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