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Getting Archie a Friend?

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I have an 8-10year old male Lion Head rabbit. I got him un-neutered and with a dislocated foot. I took him in to the vet in our town and they did not recommend putting him under for relocation on his foot. He's just as active as ever despite his foot. His foot has been broken for years and they concluded that he doesn't feel any pain in it and that they might not be able to heal it properly, so he lives with his foot. If he does start to feel pain, they said painkillers could be offered.
So I heard that some rabbits do better when they are housed with another rabbit. Just a rumor, but is it true? I would get a younger rabbit. A young adult or bunny probably. Archie is probably just as active as any normal rabbit and he is very tolerant. He used to live around 7 other rabbits at the school and he used to live in the same hutch as a spayed Velvet female and they got along just fine, other than her eating all the food. :( But he isn't food aggressive. Do you think it would be a good idea? I kinda want another rabbit also and I would give them the same amount of attention. :) I just want what is best for my Archie.
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The benefits of having a bonded pair is enormous. However, with his age and health he might be better off alone. Also, a younger rabbit might be too much for him. At his age he is content laying around grooming himself or a toy or having you to groom and to groom him. A young rabbit would have too much energy and could injure him or cause him to injure himself. If your set on getting another bunny, foster an older rabbit from a local rescue to see if he will take to it. Bunnies are complex social creatures and he may not like a bunny YOU choose. These things you have to be careful with and it takes a lot of time and patience.
I see... would it make any difference if i housed them in separate cages? Set their exercise times apart? Stuff like that? If they don't get along? if you think it's a bad idea then i won't do it :)
If you don't mind housing them in separate cages on the chance that they don't get along, then I don't see the harm in trying. As long as a female bun in the house doesn't drive his un-neutered self insane!

You could always try "bunny dates" too, if the rescue/shelter will let you.

Just FYI, some rescue groups will be a little weird about letting you take one of their bunnies if your bun isn't neutered. Before Smudge was fixed I applied to foster a rabbit through the HRS, and they wouldn't let me because I had intact rabbits. Even though they wouldn't have any contact with each other.
Usually bonding works best when both rabbits are fixed first.
I had my 2 bunnies housed seperately for 2-3 years. Separate play time and all that. Trust me, it's a commitment. Double the alone time (can't go out with friends and stuff) I've always kind of been a hermit so I didn't mind but I strongly advise you to get a spayed female and see if he likes her before just commiting to another separate bunny.
okay thanks guys :)
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