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GGMR has struck again! Oh no!

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I brought home a new baby today. He is approximately 6 weeks old. He spent the past week in quarantine at a friends house and I brought him home today and put him in with my other male, Ichabod. So far so good. Ichy is pretty much ignoring him, though I did see him bring him a lab block and sit it next to him. It was so cute. May have been a coincidence bit still cute. I'm still trying to come up with a name. I'm toying with Chance or Pongo.

On a sad note, my 2 1/2 yr old female is dying. It will probably be within the week. She has tumors in her abdomen and started defecating blood today :(. She has a vet appt on thursday.
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Oh, I am so sorry about your girl. :(
I wish our ratty children lived longer lives. I am so sorry!

Post some pictures of your new baby when you get a chance. That was so cute about Ichy bringing him a lab block. You never know, it might not have been a coincedence!
The boys are still getting along wonderfully. I'm hoping to get them both neutered next week. Here's pics.

Vladimir (you inspired the name Vladina)

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Wow, I am honored that you named him Vladimir! That is so neat! My lil namesake. :D

I am so glad your boys are doing well together! More pictures!
I try to name my pairs similarly. I have Betsy, and her sisters name was Martha. Since I have Ichabod, I thought Vladimir went well with it. Definitely went better than anything else I thought of. Vladimir seems to know that I saved him from being snake food. He has been a little skittish, but he let me give him a treat last night for the first time and likes to ride around on my shoulder and sleep under my hair.

Betsy has been making weird squeaking noises all night. Now she is bruxing. I don't know what to make of it. I hope it doesn't mean she's in pain. :(
Aww, I am sure that Vladimir is definitely grateful that you saved him. Rats are so loving and intelligent. And they love the comfort and safety of being in their people's shirts, hoodies, under their hair..makes them feel secure and safe. :)
Sounds like Vladimir has fallen in love with you, and I am sure you have fallen in love with him!

Regarding Betsy's squeaking..that can be so hard to pinpoint regarding what is going on. Usually the only time my boys ever made an actual squeaking noise was when they ocassionally had a little spat or one of them was bugging the other and got a warning squeak, like, "Leave me alone!" type thing. But squeaking for no reason, well that could indicate pain of some type. Is Betsy eating, playing, grooming and doing all the normal things? Have you checked her entire body to see if there is a lump, bruise, cut or abrasion? She could even have a painful tooth problem or other area that is hard to see. A good inspection of her entire body could help. I hope she is not in pain. :(
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It's like a really soft squeaking, almost like she's talking to herself lol. Betsy is the one with the lumps in her abdomen. I haven't seen any blood in her stool in the past couple of days, so I cancelled her appt on Thursday because she seemed to be doing better. She's not really eating a lot, though she is eating some. She's still stashing her food in her hammock, still drinking water.. Instead of laying in her hammock, she's laying the bottom of her cage, which is unusual for her. I don't know. I should probably euthanize her, but it's not blantantly obvious that she needs to be so I'm hesitant to.
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