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A glider medical kit is very important since it is often times hard to find an emergency vet that has a lot of experience with gliders, and since gliders often wait until the last minute to show symptoms.

Here is a good list to follow:

1) Q-Tips to clean wounds and apply medication

2) 1 cc syringes without needles for oral medications

3) .3 cc syringes with needles to give injections (**note: only give injections if your vet has instructed you and given you permission)

4) Neosporin + pain relief

5) baby fingernail clippers

6) silver nitrate sticks/corn starch to clot bleeding

7) marsupial milk for emergency feeding

8) e-collar

9) sterile cotton pads/bandages

10) toothpicks and small adhesive tape to make splint

11) french catheter #5 for feeding babies and adults

12) pedialyte

13) mineral oil

14) Aquarium or small critter keeper for injured/rejected joeys

15) Heating pad

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my medical kit is huge and is sitting right in my glider room...

if you buy pedialyte or something to give your gliders (i use the gerber electrolyte stuff).. buy it in little individual bottles so that when you DO put it in the fridge after using it doesn't go to waste.
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